Filter for drawing directed graphs.

performances of 2.34 with images


I have recently turned to release 2.34 while I was using a 2.29 (development build) until now.

I have graphs that manage quite many images (16x16 png) within in nodes, inserted with html "" tag (sometimes around 100). With the 2.29, I had no problem to run dot, but it appears that the 2.34 is less performant and very often leads to a dot.exe time-out (after 60s) when I am trying to display the graph with images. The same graph without images is computed correctly.

bug in libxdot

well, thanks to yesterday got advice, now I should able to use xdot for my Qt rendering, but I've found a bug in parseRect function:

line 161 of xdot.c should read

rp->h = strtod (s, &endp);

or the h field get a random value...
I wonder how many people actually uses parseXDot functions family...

I'm sorry I'm not experienced with bug report, seems overkill to learn it now.

HTH Carlo

Dot directed graph specify length of edges

I just started using graphviz and I use a custom Matlab script to parse our data
into a .gv file.

The preferred Layout engine would be dot and it works quite fine, but it would be very nice to
also show, that some edges are longer than others (or the nodes are further away from the primary node).
As far as I know, the dot engine only allows to rank the nodes, so they are rendered some distance from
the primary node. Unfortunately, all nodes (there can be up to 5000) have a different distance from
the primary node, so I would have to specify a new rank for every single one.

error message

Hello group...

I am new here, and this is my first post.

I have searched google, and this site with no success.

Here is the error message...

I can't create the Graphviz Example: Undirected Graph Clusters


I will generate a graph with subgraphs and arrows between subgraphs and subgraph and a node. So I started with the Graphviz Example: Undirected Graph Clusters and will test it.
At the moment it cant't greate the same output which I see in the homepage under
I have tested it with the following versions: 2.18.0, 2.30.1 and 2.34 under MS Windows7.
I start this with a command line: dot -Tpng -o test.png test.txt
and with doxygen. Everytime I becomes the same result.

The result can You see in the attechment.

Thanks for You help,

SVG file hover over node text


Can anymore help.

I want to display a Node with text for example 'Office' , but when you hover mouse over it, to bring up more information, for example "Office 555-122" as at the moment can only seem to get Office to appear on the hover over.

So differnet Node can have extra text displayed when the mouse is over the node.

Im using SVG file format, as would like to view in a web browser.

Hope someone can offer an example.

Problem - formating issue and suggestion

Hello all! First, i want senk you for creating such nice tool. Howewer, by using it, for example trying to run demo, some problems appear. The for-calculated graph with positions, etc. is displayed perfectly fine. Howewer i can not figure out how to use the dot.exe etc... tools to format the graph with no positions prepared. Can you answer with runnable code, or i understand something wrong about graphviz executables? Explecitely for that i have an idea to make the formatting tool (for positions and borders of the nodes) in java so you dont need to have GraphViz at all.

HTML Comments changed in 2.34 versus 2.30


I used 2.30 and versions before and was able to use the following syntax:

In 2.34 this creates a segmentation fault.

In the new version I can only use this: label=>;

An also this:
Working in 2.30
label=<{Off| Entry:LED_Off();...}>

Not working anymore (segmentation fault). I have to remove the before the Off

Only this works now:

GraphViz on Android

I'm looking for a way to include GraphViz as part of my android application.

So far, the closes i've seen is google api which specifically does not support image tags which I would want.
Some of the other java library wrappers require that graphviz be installed on the system which I cannot control for an android app.

Does anybody know of anything that will allow me to do this? Or how to compile the graphviz code as part of an android app?


Installation problem from Graphviz source files

I'm trying to install graphviz on RHEL 6. First I tried to install rpm pakages. But it reports required, although zlib-1.2.3 has been installed already. The problem is similar to that reported by jriveramerla in the forum a few days ago.

Anyway, I turn to installation from source files. It seems that the installation completed successful. Howerver, when I use doxygen to generate HTML documents, which calls graphviz's dot to generate graphs, it reports:

Format: "png" not recognized. Use one of: canon cmap cmapx cmapx_np dot ...

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