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Problem with formating the node label with html-tag

I have a problem with formating the node label.
If i use
label=<<font color="green">green text</font><font color="red>red text</font>>
for multi color text in node, the font size is no more uniformly in the whole of picture. some are greater and some are smaller. The setting for font size will be ignored!
Is there any solution or is it a bug?


Help with embedding svg files

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a graph that has svg images embedded within it, and then output the whole thing as an svg image, and I've been running into some issues.

I'm using graphviz version 2.30.1

Here is a small example of the type of dot file that I'm creating that reproduces the problem for me.

digraph "" {
graph [bgcolor=transparent, fontcolor=black, ratio=fill, splines=TRUE, rank=same, size="6.99,6.99", rankdir=TB];
node [label="\N", shape = none, fillcolor=transparent, fontcolor=black, fontsize=16, height="1.5", width="1.0", labelloc=b];

ns.c + check_cycles(g); + abort()

This is not a new issue (in 2.30.1), but for a few of my graphs I hit an abort in "checkdfs" during a call to "check_cycles" in "rank2":

#ifdef DEBUG

In non debug the graph completes, but looks corrupt due to overlapping clusters.

Do you think there is a pattern in my graphs that I could rectify prior to calling DOT to prevent this?

C and Graphviz

I'm working on a fuzzy pattern recognition system where, fuzzy relations, are represented by matrices.

We can look at such fuzzy matrices as adjacency matrices for directed graphs.

What I need to do is to draw the digraph related to a particular fuzzy matrix.

Is is possible to do this directly from my C code ?

Thank you in advance.

Access violation while running dot on small graphs

Running dot 30.1 on the graph definition below generates an access violation. Please note if the last edge is removed, running dot ends successfully. Is there a anything wrong with the definition below?

digraph G {
graph [aspect=1,
00 -> 02 [minlen=1];
00 -> 03 [minlen=2];
00 -> 04 [minlen=1];
00 -> 05 [minlen=2];
00 -> 06 [minlen=1];
00 -> 07 [minlen=2];
00 -> 08 [minlen=1];
00 -> 09 [minlen=2];
00 -> 10 [minlen=1];
00 -> 11 [minlen=2];
00 -> 12 [minlen=1];
00 -> 13 [minlen=2];

The same happens since at least graphviz 28.

Images within nodes (scaling etc)

Sorry if this message shows up somewhere else. I'm having a little trouble following the clues found here: Whose attribute is the fixedsize? The node or the TD? The closest I have gotten so far to joy is by:


digraph structs {

Syntax error in graph created by networkx, cannot run dot or neato

Hello, I am unable to visualize this graph created by NetworkXX (attached). It only has 60 nodes and 76 edges, but I suspect that the edge annotation data is too long for graphviz.

Using this command:

dot -T png chrIII-11,645,098-11,759, > test.png

I get this error:

Warning: chrIII-11,645,098-11,759, syntax error in line 75 near ''

I also tried using `neato`.

The edge annotation data is important, and is a sequence of DNA characters so I'd prefer not to split it up, though I could. Any suggestions?

Extending xlib (AKA x11) "lang"?

I have just discovered for myself the xlib output "language" dot supports. It is actually very nice because of its performance if used e.g. with to visualize hairy and lengthy git development trees.

But its keybindings / mouse shortcuts are quite limited (closer to rudimentary) -- could someone point to the list of supported ones?

I wonder if it is feasible for it to be extended with a callback command which would be ran provided selected node/edge information...?

Thank you in advance!

Aligning subgraphs


This graph creates two boxed columns, each with three nodes. However, the tops of the boxes do not align. Can someone offer a suggestion?

digraph default {

// label at top center followed by a blank line

graph [label="Graphviz Chart 3\n\n\n", labelloc=t; labeljust=center, fontname=Helvetica, fontsize=18]


node [shape="box", style=rounded, fontsize=12 fontname=helvetica];
edge [fontsize=9 fontname=helvetica];

subgraph cluster_0 {

Create subgraph without an additional node

Hello everyone,

I am somehow new to Graphviz, used it for a little while, but don't know some advanced features.

Here is what I want: I want to create a subgraph without creating an additional node. Now if I have a subgraph, the subgraph will be displayed next to the main graph, and a symbolic node representing the subgraph will be added to the main graph. I now want that in the main graph the subgraph links directly into main one. Of course in this case the outline of the subgraph will be drawn, and the edge to the subgraph will link to the outline.

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