My browser doesn't recognize SVG.

The correct MIME type for svg images is: image/svg+xml (note "+" not "-").

SVG is not built into all browsers; you can get plugins from Adobe for Windows, Linux and some other operating systems. Firefox 1.5 has a large subset of SVG and renders graphviz -Tsvg output though until graphviz 2.8, the fonts may be too large (thanks for Phil Colbourne at the RailCorp of New South Wales for this advice).

For help with embedding SVG in HTML pages, see here.

There are several good standalone viewers and editors for SVG. We like inkscape. Evince is the standard Gnome document viewer that handles SVG, at least since version 0.5 (though Phil C. reports output is blurred) (see also eog (Eye of Gnome)). Commercial tools like Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Visio can import SVG (the better to deal with your content, my dear!) If you are using an older (less bloated) Unix system, you may find tools like Batik (an SVG renderer in Java) or sodipodi useful, though it seems they are no longer very actively maintained. sodipodi is faster but both make sharp images - isn't that the beauty of path-based graphics?

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