Beginner question

I have recently installed graphvix-2.38

I am working through examples from the CGP-Library (cartesian genetic programming)
In particular, an example which allows the visualization of a chromosome

I have run the example - which produces a file called

I then open a command prompt window, locate the graphviz-2.38/release/bin folder and try the following command

dot -Tpdf -o chromo.pdf

having put a copy of in the above folder

It runs through a whole lot of output and then ends with the following error

Error: dot: can't open chromo.pdf

Does anybody have an idea of what I am doing wrong?

Thank you

Bob M
New Zealand

The obvious answer is that

The obvious answer is that you don't have write permission in that directory, except you just put in that directory, so you must have write permission. Can you post the output you are getting? Normally dot does print anything except warning or error messages, so I am curious why you are seeing a whole lot of output. Is your current working directory the graphviz-2.38/release/bin folder?

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