• How do I access a forum?

    Select the Forums link from the side or top navigation bar. A submenu appears with links to the available forum categories. A page is also displayed that has links to all
    forums grouped by category. Selecting a forum category in the navigation
    submenu only displays forums from within the selected category.
    Select a forum name and the forum page is displayed. It contains a list
    of available topics within the forum. Select the topic name in order to display
    the topic content.

  • What are the links that appear above the forum topic content?

    These are links to the Graphviz categories, terms and tags that have been associated with the forum post by the author. They can be used to access other website pages that have been associated with the same categories, terms or tags.

  • Why can't I create a new forum?

    Forums can only be created by members of the Graphviz development group. Use
    the Contact Us link to request that a new forum be created. Select the 'graphviz
    features' category when making the request.

  • Why can't I add a topic to an existing forum?

    A user must be a registered member of the graphviz website in order to post a forum topic. Select the Create new account link in the side navigation bar to become an registered user.

  • Can I be notified when changes are made to a forum topic?

    Yes. A link appears below the forum topic content that enables a registered user
    to subscribe to the topic post. Subscribers receive an email whenever the topic
    content is updated or when a comment is added to the topic.  See 'How can I subscribe to a forum topic?'

  • How can I add a comment to a forum topic?

    There is a link below the topic content that enables a registered user to add
    a new comment. You must include a subject and the body of the comment. Normally the 'input format' option should be left at the default value (Wiki). Select the graphviz format if the comment body contains graphviz code delimited by [graphviz] [/graphviz] . You can also select whether notifications of the comment will be sent to topic subscribers.

  • Why can't I add a comment to an existing forum topic?

    Only registered users can add comments. Select the 'Create new account' navigation link to begin the registration process.

How do I subscribe to a forum topic?
There is a Subscribe link at the bottom of the forum topic content.  Select
this link and choose one or more of the available subscription options.

    Subscribe to page - By default you will receive email notification
    when updates or comments are posted to the current thread (forum topic).

    Subscribe to forum topic content - By default, you will be notified whenever
    any forum topic content is updated or commented on.

    Subscribe to content in forum - By default you will be notified by email
    when any topic under the current forum is updated, or receives a comment.

    Subscribe to content by taxonomy name - Forum topics can be associated with
    taxonomy names.  Names can be items selected from the graphviz-terms
    vocabulary     list or tags created on-the-fly during topic creation. When
    this option is chosen, by default you will be notified by email whenever any
    website content associated with the taxonomy name receives an update or

If more than one option is chosen, it is possible to receive multiple notifications for a
single update or comment.  You may select whether to receive notification
whenever updates or comments are made. See 'How do I set subscription preferences?'

How can I find a forum topic that has been moved?
If you see a message that the forum topic you are looking for has been moved, search for the topic title.  You may type the topic title into the search box in the upper right section of the webpage or highlight and drag it into the search box .


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