Graphviz User Types

Anonymous Users
Anonymous users can access web pages, view forum and wiki posts, submit a contact form and create a new account. When the create new account button is clicked, the User account page is displayed.  Enter a username and e-mail address.  Word verification is required before the form can be submitted.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent that includes a system generated password and a link that can be used to log onto the website one time. After logging in, you will be directed to a page where your password can be changed.
The Contact form enables all users to submit a message to the website. It requires a name, e-mail address, subject, category and a message body. Word verification is required before the form can be submitted. The message will be sent  to the the appropriate Graphviz destination.
Registered Users
Users who create a new account and who respond to the system generated e-mail, become registered. Registered users are permitted to create/update wiki content, view/create forum topics and create comments.
Graphviz Team Members
Users who belong to the graphviz team group are registered users who have the added ability to create new content other than forum topics and wiki pages.  They can administer certain features of the graphviz website.
Wiki Support
Registered users can create and edit their own wiki content. When the user selects Create content > Wiki Page from the navigation menu, the Create Wiki Page form is displayed. The wiki form accepts a title, a set of Graphviz terms, a category, a list of tags and the wiki content.  It is possible to include a file attachment. A title must be provided and at least ten characters within the message body.  All other items on the form are optional. The file attachment size is limited to 1 MB.
Forum Support
Registered users are permitted to view content from any forum. They can create forum topic content, but they are not permitted to create new forums. They are permitted to add comments to any forum topic.

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