GUI to create

I know the "Ressources" section and the list of GUI-Tools there.
The list is old, some items are dead, some are sleeping, not working, and none of them are valued or well desribed.

So my question is what GUI editor do you use?

Alternative to GUI

I don't know if you'll like the solution I will propose, but I found a smarty way to have a WYSIWYG Graphviz editor "for free". I have created a .bat file (or .sh file in linux) that runds dot.exe every second and generates an .svg file. Then, I have a .html file containing an scaled to 100% of screen and set to refresh itself every second. Then, I can open the html in the browser, set the "keep rendering" script to run in a command window, open the .gv file in a text editor (I use Sublime Text), and as soon as I save the .gv file, the .svg output display is refreshed in the browser.

Some "GUIs"

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