type: bool, default: false

By default, the justification of multi-line labels is done within the largest context that makes sense. Thus, in the label of a polygonal node, a left-justified line will align with the left side of the node (shifted by the prescribed margin). In record nodes, left-justified line will line up with the left side of the enclosing column of fields. If nojustify=true, multi-line labels will be justified in the context of itself.

For example, if nojustify is set, the first label line is long, and the second is shorter and left-justified, the second will align with the left-most character in the first line, regardless of how large the node might be.

Valid on:
  • Clusters
  • Edges
  • Graphs
  • Nodes
Last modified June 14, 2021: Introduce per-attribute pages (81b00f5)