type: addDouble | addPoint, default: +4

Margin to leave around nodes when removing node overlap.

This guarantees a minimal non-zero distance between nodes.

If the attribute begins with a plus sign '+', an additive margin is specified. That is, "+w,h" causes the node’s bounding box to be increased by w points on the left and right sides, and by h points on the top and bottom.

Without a plus sign, the node is scaled by 1 + w in the x coordinate and 1 + h in the y coordinate.

If only a single number is given, this is used for both dimensions.

If unset but esep is defined, the sep values will be set to the esep values divided by 0.8. If esep is unset, the default value is used.

Valid on:
  • Graphs
Note: not dot
Last modified June 14, 2021: Introduce per-attribute pages (81b00f5)