Also see Yifan's gallery of large graphs, all generated with the sfdp layout engine, but colorized by postprocessing the PostScript files.

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Bazel Build System

Cluster Gradients

Cluster relations in a graph highlighted using gvmap


Data Structures

Entity-Relation Data Model

Family Tree

Finite Automaton

Go Package Imports

Gradient Linear Angles

Gradient Radial Angles

Gradients Applied to Data Struct Example

Graph, Cluster and Node Gradients


Hello World

Intranet Layout

Linear and Radial Gradient Angles

Linux Kernel Diagram

Math Parse Tree

Module Dependencies

Neural Network (Keras)

Ninja Build System

Partially Transparent Colors




Program Profile


Racehorse Pedigree

Radial Layout

Radial Layout of a Network Graph

Sample Gradient Color Schemes


Switch Network

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

Table and Cell Gradients

Traffic Lights

Undirected Graph Clusters

Undirected Large Graph Layout Using sfdp

UNIX Family 'Tree'

World Dynamics