Sql2Dot is a tiny parser written in java to transform sql into dot for visualizing data structures. It parses some very basic sql which we use in PostgreSQL. Here is an example of sql (borrowed from lain) that Sql2Dot likes to parse.

Source and class files can be found in this sql2dot.jar file

Usage: java -jar sql2dot.jar <files>

<files> - list of sql files

Sql2Dot sends its output to the same location and name as the specified file with a '.dot' on the end.


Let's say we have a file with sql commands for creating tables called 'foo.sql'

We parse it like this: java -jar sql2dot.jar foo.sql

That will create foo.sql.dot

We can then run this file through dot to create a PNG dot -Tpng foo.sql.dot -o foo.png

It would be nice if someone would throw a real sql parser on it ;)

The source is public domain. Do with it as you see fit. It would be nice to see improvements make their way back here :)

DISCLAIMER: I'm not resposbile for the software's or your actions.


Robert Dale <rdale@digital-mission.com>

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