Character encoding used when interpreting string input as a text label.

type: string, default: "UTF-8"

The default value is "UTF-8". The other legal values are:

  • "utf-8" / "utf8" (default value)
  • "iso-8859-1" / "ISO_8859-1" / "ISO8859-1" / "ISO-IR-100" / "Latin1" / "l1" / "latin-1"
  • "big-5" / "big5": the Big-5 Chinese encoding

The charset attribute is case-insensitive.

Note that if the character encoding used in the input does not match the charset value, the resulting output may be very strange.

It is not possible to use HTML-like labels in combination with Big-5 encoding.

digraph G {
  "🍔" -> "💩"
Valid on:
  • Graphs

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