After Six and Tollis 199912, Kauffman and Wiese 20023.

This is suitable for certain diagrams of multiple cyclic structures, such as certain telecommunications networks.

Attributes for circo features

  • mindist – Specifies the minimum separation between all nodes. Valid on: Graphs.
  • root – Specifies nodes to be used as the center of the layout. Valid on: Graphs, Nodes.
  • normalize – normalizes coordinates of final layout. Valid on: Graphs.
  • oneblock – Whether to draw circo graphs around one circle.. Valid on: Graphs.
  • overlap_scaling – Scale layout by factor, to reduce node overlap.. Valid on: Graphs.
  • voro_margin – Tuning margin of Voronoi technique. Valid on: Graphs.

Last modified October 2, 2022: update circo attributes (cedcf91)