Clipping window on final drawing

Format: "%lf,%lf,%lf,%lf,%lf" or "%lf,%lf,%lf,'%s'"

The viewPort W,H,Z,x,y or W,H,Z,N specifies a viewport for the final image. The pair (W,H) gives the dimensions (width and height) of the final image, in points.

The optional Z is the zoom factor, i.e., the image in the original layout will be W/Z by H/Z points in size. By default, Z is 1.

The optional last part is either a pair (x,y) giving a position in the original layout of the graph, in points, of the center of the viewport, or the name N of a node whose center should used as the focus.

By default, the focus is the center of the graph bounding box, i.e., (bbx/2,bby/2), where "bbx,bby" is the value of the bounding box attribute bb.

Sample values: 50,50,.5,'2.8 BSD' or 100,100,2,450,300. The first will take the 100x100 point square centered on the node 2.8 BSD and scale it down by 0.5, yielding a 50x50 point final image.


viewPort is a valid type for:
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