Whether the subgraph is a cluster

type: bool, default: false

Subgraph clusters are rendered differently, e.g. dot renders a box around subgraph clusters, but doesn't draw a box around non-subgraph clusters.


digraph cats {
  subgraph cluster_big_cats {
    // This subgraph is a cluster, because the name begins with "cluster"
    "Snow Leopard";

  subgraph domestic_cats {
    // This subgraph is also a cluster, because cluster=true.


  subgraph not_a_cluster {
    // This subgraph is not a cluster, because it doesn't start with "cluster",
    // nor sets cluster=true.
Valid on:
  • Clusters
  • Subgraphs

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Last modified September 17, 2022: Update remove duplicate dot (f227bc5)