dot is the default tool to use if edges have directionality.

The layout algorithm aims edges in the same direction (top to bottom, or left to right) and then attempts to avoid edge crossings and reduce edge length.

Attributes for dot features

  • clusterrank – Mode used for handling clusters. Valid on: Graphs.
  • compound – If true, allow edges between clusters. Valid on: Graphs.
  • constraint – If false, the edge is not used in ranking the nodes. Valid on: Edges.
  • group – Name for a group of nodes, for bundling edges avoiding crossings.. Valid on: Nodes.
  • lhead – Logical head of an edge. Valid on: Edges.
  • ltail – Logical tail of an edge. Valid on: Edges.
  • mclimit – Scale factor for mincross (mc) edge crossing minimiser parameters. Valid on: Graphs.
  • minlen – Minimum edge length (rank difference between head and tail). Valid on: Edges.
  • newrank – Whether to use a single global ranking, ignoring clusters. Valid on: Graphs.
  • nslimit – Sets number of iterations in network simplex applications. Valid on: Graphs.
  • nslimit1 – Sets number of iterations in network simplex applications. Valid on: Graphs.
  • ordering – Constrains the left-to-right ordering of node edges.. Valid on: Graphs, Nodes.
  • rank – Rank constraints on the nodes in a subgraph. Valid on: Subgraphs.
  • rankdir – Sets direction of graph layout. Valid on: Graphs.
  • ranksep – Specifies separation between ranks. Valid on: Graphs.
  • remincross – If there are multiple clusters, whether to run edge crossing minimization a second time.. Valid on: Graphs.
  • samehead – Edges with the same head and the same samehead value are aimed at the same point on the head. Valid on: Edges.
  • sametail – Edges with the same tail and the same sametail value are aimed at th. Valid on: Edges.
  • searchsize – During network simplex, the maximum number of edges with negative cut values to search when looking for an edge with minimum cut value.. Valid on: Graphs.
  • showboxes – Print guide boxes for debugging. Valid on: Edges, Nodes, Graphs.
  • TBbalance – Which rank to move floating (loose) nodes to. Valid on: Graphs.

Last modified October 2, 2022: Attributes for dot features (6153a89)