Color used to fill the background of a node or cluster

type: color | colorList, default: lightgrey (nodes) , black (clusters)

Assuming style=filled, or a filled arrowhead.

If fillcolor is not defined, color is used. (For clusters, if color is not defined, bgcolor is used.) If this is not defined, the default is used, except for shape=point or when the output format is MIF, which use black by default.

If the value is a colorList, a gradient fill is used. By default, this is a linear fill; setting style=radial will cause a radial fill. At present, only two colors are used. If the second color (after a colon) is missing, the default color is used for it.

See also the gradientangle attribute for setting the gradient angle.

Note that a cluster inherits the root graph's attributes if defined. Thus, if the root graph has defined a fillcolor, this will override a color or bgcolor attribute set for the cluster.

Valid on:
  • Nodes
  • Edges
  • Clusters

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